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Titan Athletics - Athletic Participation Form

Athletic Coaches Directory, 2020-21

Titan Athletics – Athletic Participation Information

(Fall, Winter & Spring) Sports

ALL student athletes must complete an online athletic eligibility (ChalkSchools) form prior to their participation in any 2020-21 athletic team. ALL athletic participation forms can accessed and downloaded on the school website. If forms are not completed in ChalkSchools they will NOT be allowed to participate.

Step by Step Instructions: 

The Student Eligibility Packet is a yearly one-time requirement for every student who wants to participate in high school athletics at Hercules High School. The Student Eligibility Packet is now an online process. It is vitally important that when completing the packet students should click on "Save Progress" NOT "Submit" until they are all done with all forms including the Athletic Physical page which includes the doctor signature.  If the student clicks on "Submit" before all pages are completed, they will need to redo the entire packet.  When students click on "Save Progress" an email will be sent to them where they can upload the Athletic Physical after the doctors signs it.  Below is a step by step process of how to complete the packet. 

  1. Students should begin to fill out the packet making sure to answer every question particularly "Where did you go to high school last year?" on page 1.
  2. At the bottom of page 1, click on download "Physicians Clearance Form" and when you go to the doctor for your physical, have your doctor sign the document.
  3. Once you have completed the "Physician's Clearance Form" you will need to upload it to your Student Eligibility Packet.
  4. To do this take a picture of the completed "Physician's Clearance Form" with your cell phone or other electronic device and email it to yourself.
  5. Open your email and save your email to your desktop or pictures file.
  6. Now reopen your Student Eligibility Packet by going back to your email.
  7. After page 9 there will be an "Attachments", "Add Attachments" click on this and go to wherever you saved your email with the picture of your Athletic Physical signed by your doctor.
  8. After completing your packet and attaching your Athletic Physical you will click on "Submit Form" at the bottom of the screen.
  9. On the next page, it will say "Please select next recipient below"
  10. Click on Hercules
  11. There will be a "CC" section in this box put your personal email address.
  12. Once you have uploaded your Athletic Physical into your Student Eligibility Packet see the Athletic Director, Mr. Grecco, to get a "Cleared to Participate Card" which you will give to your coach. This will allow you to begin participating.
  13. Give the paper copy of your Athletic Physical to your head coach.
  14. Remember an Athletic Physical is good for one year. If you happen to play another sport during the school year see the Athletic Director to get another copy of your Athletic Physical for your new sport and coach.