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Correct Book Pick UP info

Greetings Gauchos! I wanted to give everyone updated information about our upcoming S2 book pick. Book pick will be open from 9-2pm in the staff parking. Students must bring any ID with your name and a copy or picture of your S2 schedule. Please make sure to take a picture of your schedule so you can show us during pick up and wear a mask at all times. By doing these two things, wearing, we can do a great job together in protecting our students and staff as well as stopping the spread of COVID. Thank you!

Mon 2/1 - 9th grade A-L
Tue 2/2 - 9th grade M-Z
Wed 2/3 - 10th grade A-L
Fri 2/5 - 10th grade M-Z

Mon 2/8 - 11th grade M-Z
Tue 2/9 - 11th grade M-Z
Wed 2/10 - 12th grade A-L
Fri 2/12 - 12th grade M-Z