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Transcript Request


Your transcript is your official record that documents your academic performance at El Cerrito High School.  Many colleges, universities, and jobs will require an unofficial transcript or an official transcript.  

An unofficial transcript can be picked up at the registrar's office or can be emailed in pdf form.  You may also receive an unofficial transcript in person or through email and there is no fee.  

An official transcript comes with an official seal and is mailed directly to the institution requesting it. The official transcript requires a form to be filled out and comes with a $5 fee.

For official transcripts, please complete the following steps: 



    • Please include the name/address of where you want your transcript mailed.
  • Email Ms. Leslie at:  to coordinate paying for the transcript, along with the completed request form with a form of ID 


If you need to physically pick up a transcript, please have the following: 

  • A current ID ( Govt/State/El Cerrito High School)
  • The address of the institution your transcript will be mailed to 
  • $5 either prepaid on web store or cash, money order or cashier’s made out to El Cerrito High School


2-3 business days. No rush orders. Please plan accordingly.