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Certificated Hiring Process

Certificated Hiring Process


  • Submit application to Personnel Office (application form, letter of interest, résumé, copies of credential, transcripts, CBEST, 2-3 letters of recommendation, TB clearance)
  • View openings on or EdJoin. Call the principal where you wish to interview to set up an appointment. 
    Set up an appointment to interview at site that calls you as a result of Personnel referral.
  • Interview at the site.
  • Wait for a job offer extended by the Personnel Office (no one else may extend an offer of employment).
  • Make an appointment with your Personnel Technician to complete your paperwork, fingerprints, pay fees (if any), etc.
  • Wait to be advised by the Personnel Office that you may report for work. Do not report for work until you are cleared. Failure to do this may result in paycheck problems and/or credential problems.


  • Advise Director of Certificated Personnel of any openings.
  • Interview candidates referred by Personnel Office
    Advise Director of Certificated Personnel that you have a candidate you wish to have evaluated for eligibility for your position. Provide name and telephone number of the candidate as well as exact position.
  • Make a reference check for all new candidates. Fill out reference form completely, date and sign it, and submit it to Personnel.
  • Recommend to the Director of Certificated Personnel that your choice of candidate be offered your position. Do not offer the position yourself. Only Human Resources can hire .
  • Make sure that all new teachers coming to your site have been cleared to work. Failure to do so may result in paycheck problems and/or credential problems.

Human Resources

  • Post all openings.
  • Screen all applicants for eligibility.
  • Refer new applicants to principals with openings.
  • Provide lists of prior applicants on request.
  • When a site recommends hiring a candidate, review paperwork for eligibility for that particular position.
  • Offer position(s).
  • If candidate accepts, refer him/her to the proper technician for hiring process. Inform candidate of any fees, official or unofficial transcripts, etc. required for the hiring process.
  • Inform site of candidate's acceptance/rejection of offer.
  • Inform candidate when he or she may report for work.
  • Inform the principal when candidate may report for work.