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Mandarin Elementary School Teacher

The Mandarin Elementary School Teacher will exclusively teach elementary school classes.

Teaching students multiple subjects utilizing the course of study adopted by the Board of Education

Develop programs and instructional materials and provide individualized and group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil.

Establishing procedures and techniques for maintaining proper control to enhance learning.

Creating and maintaining a suitable learning environment.

Evaluating pupils' academic growth and observable social growth, keeping appropriate records, preparing progress reports, and communicating with parents on individual pupil progress.

Identifying pupil needs with the assistance of available professional staff and working towards the fulfillment of those needs.

Administering standardized group tests in accordance with District and State testing program.

REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelors degree in Bilingual Elementary Education, Liberal Studies, or a related, field plus one year of experience as a Mandarin Teacher or related. Must have a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, a Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) Mandarin Certificate, and be fluent in Mandarin. The worksite is 6028 Ralston Avenue, Richmond, CA 94805. Please send resume to HR at 1108 Bissell Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801.