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Secondary Teacher - Biology:

The Secondary Teacher - Biology will exclusively teach High school classes

Develop and teach skills and knowledge related to biology utilizing appropriate courses of study.

Develop programs and instructional materials and provide individualized and group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil.

Evaluate pupil progress in courses being taught, keep appropriate records and report student progress.

Identify pupil needs end attempt to work toward the fulfillment of those needs.

Establish procedures and techniques for maintaining proper control to enhance learning.

Create and maintain a suitable learning environment.


REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Education, or a related field plus 1 year of experience teaching biology. Must have a Clear California Teaching Credential in Science or Biological Science. The worksite is 2900 Pinole Valley Rd, Pinole, CA 94564. Resume to HR at 1108 Bissell Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801.