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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

As we move into our second week of isolation and separation I am keenly aware of how important contact with students has been for my 20+ years in education. I've spent the better art of my existence in an educational setting of some sort. From my own k-12 education to Community College, Undergrad, Graduate school, teaching, and supporting teachers and students as an administrator life has been driven by learning. It is something I truly believe in, and something I believe can be the great equalizer in an increasing unequal world. 

And yet here we are in this strange new reality. I'm working on a way to communitcate directly with students. A way in which I hope to inspire a new  normal for learning (one I hope is short term). We are challenged by many factors during this complicated time, but I ask that students continue your learning at this time. Our teachers are providing quality lessons online and I ask that you log into your tablet and check your assigments and lessons daily. Take the time to complete the work as requested to further your education.

For our 8th graders the second semester is one that begins the progression toward high school. There is much to prepare for and I want to encourage you to push hard in these weeks we are separated. 

As we continue to stay apart I miss the daily interactions with students. I miss the inspired learning and the amazing work of a dedicated teaching staff. I look forward to the day that may come when we can all get togher for a "friendly" game of volleyball between staff and students. I look forward to a crowd of 700 cheering on thier friends and maybe even the teachers...

For now as we are in distant spaces. Please focus on your education. Create a schedule that works for your family and one that alllows you to read, write, calculate and think both creatively and critically.

At Korematsu We Are a Community!

Mr. B