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Re Opening of Schools Bulletin - August 8

August 9, 2020

Greetings Hercules High School,

I hope this message finds you all safe, protected, nourished and sanitized. We are one week from the opening of the 2020-21 school year!  Due to  the continued threat from the COVID-19 pandemic,we will be opening the school year 100% online.  All classes will start on August 17th. Students will NOT be allowed on campus or on any school facilities until we are 100% certain that the conditions in the community and schools are safe. 

Parents it is very important that all your contact information has been updated through your Powerschool account. The contact information on your Powerschool account needs to have the best phone number to directly reach you and an email address that is continuously monitored. All school communication will be through phone and/or email. 

Powerschool schedules will be activated on Monday, so you will be able to see your child's schedule through your Powerschool account. Each teacher will be sending out invitations to your child’s school email to invite them to join their google classrooms per period.  We will also be posting up weekly assignments on the school website. Weekly phone calls will be going out to the phone number you enter in powerschool.  

Please continue to visit the high school website and click on the Reopening of schools icon for up to date information on the details pertaining to distance learning bell schedule and daily assignments posted by individual teachers.  

Distance Learning Tips & Strategies

  1. Create a learning space, set up a quite clutter free area - organized with all tools necessary to complete elearning assignments.
  2. Make a schedule and stick to it, we recommend that you follow the distance learning bell schedule which can be found on the high school website. 
  3. Reduce Distractions: No video games, off social media sites, no personal phone calls, etc.
  4. Scheduling/Calendar:  Mark down deadlines, due dates, set classwork  pacing guides to keep you focussed on all classes
  5. Schedule and/or time your stretch breaks. Get up out of the chair and look away from the screen monitor for 10 minutes every hour. 
  6. Exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes per day 
  7. Eat nutritionally sound meals - limit unnecessary snacking
  8. Utilize supplemental instruction such as KHAN Academy, or educational videos, lectures, audio books. 

Remote Learning Materials:

  1. Headsets with microphone will help minimize audible distractions 
  2. Pencil/Paper: taking notes, problem solving, pre-writing, 
  3. Academic Tools:  ruler, calculator, pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, 
  4. 3 ring binder w/ dividers for every class
  5. Wall Calendar/Organizer/Scheduler

Academic success is not something that you are entitled to, academic success is dependent on your commitment to engage and complete academic work in all of your educational courses that you are enrolled in. 

Online Registration Process: 

Parents, please double check your contact information on PowerSchool. It is important that we have accurate phone numbers for each family. It is also beneficial if you add an email address to your account as well. 


  • Each student will be assigned a teacher for a Homeroom/Advisory period. Attendance will be taken daily through the Homeroom/Advisory period.  This period only lasts 25 minutes per day and is an opportunity for each student to be connected to a staff member. This period also allows opportunities for mini engagement lessons. 

Student Expectations: 

Students, it is very important that you connect with each of your teachers throughout every day.   ALL high school students are expected to:

  • Log into courses daily through the digital platform (google/zoom)
  • Complete and submit eLearning lessons and assignments as assigned
  • Communicate with teachers  daily as prescribed by individual teachers
  • Spend a minimum of  2-3 hours per day on coursework for all classes


Bell Schedule/Student Day: 

The bell schedule is designed for students to be under the care and direction of the teacher for the duration of the teaching/learning blocks using a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning activities. 

  • A final configuration of the bell schedule will be posted on the school website and google classrooms by the end of next week. 


Week of August 10 - 14th: Material Distribution

  • We expect all visitors on campus to wear an appropriate COVID -19 face-covering that  covers both your mouth and nose. Please refrain from physical contact with others, and/or removing the face-covering/mask from the ears or loops while on campus.  This is in addition to the mandatory six feet of physical distancing.  Adherence to these guidelines, along with hand hygiene, are critical in minimizing the spread of the virus due to the nature of its transmission through respiratory droplets and the occurrence of asymptomatic cases. 

While you are on campus, we expect every person to adhere to PPE and strict social distancing guidelines set forth by the county health services department. 


  • Payment of Fines/Return of Textbooks: August 10th & 11th 


  • Students will need to bring their school photo ID from 2019-20 school year.
  • Textbook returns will be in the career center
  • Payment of fines - 2nd floor attendance office



  • Material Distribution: August 12th - 14th 


  • Students will need to bring their school photo ID from 2019-20 school year.
  • Step 1:  Schedule Pick Up - Front of Career Center
  • Step 2:  Textbook/Materials Distribution - Library


Family Orientation: August 11th @ 6pm.

The Parent Teacher Organization will be hosting a facebook live forum on August 11th @ 6pm. We plan to share as much information as possible to help you prepare for the reopening of school through distance learning.  Hope to see you on the webinar.  More information will be posted on the PTO facebook page and the school website. 

Grade Level Google Classrooms

  • Our Associated Student Body and Class Officers will be planning school wide activities, clubs/organization will be developed and all student to student communication wil take place in the grade level google classrooms.
  • College Career/Academic Counselors will also be hosting special sessions to inform students about college readiness, academic counseling, and important school updates. 
    • 9th Grade Google Classroom Code: qd4wbb7
    • 10th Grade Google Classroom Code: c5nai4p
    • 11th Grade Google Classroom Code: fbaem5u
    • 12th Grade Google Classroom Code: nww7sbd

District Technology Assistance: 

If you need assistance with technology to support your student’s distance learning, you can email or call (510) 243-3901.

Wishing you and your family the best of health throughout these times,