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COVID Testing with WCCUSD is FREE!

COVID Testing is Free with WCCUSD

WCCUSD LogoThe district has provided a statement that insurers and health plans must cover the cost of COVID-19 diagnostic testing, and neither LSA nor the district will be billing any family for the cost of this testing.  Click here to see the district's letter.


LSA Letter to Test PatientsLaboratory Services of America (LSA), the testing company that provides the service of diagnostic testing, has provided a letter from Brad Miedema, representing LSA, assuring that LSA will not bill families for the cost of testing.  Click here to see the letter from LSA.


LeginfoAnd if you like looking at legal language, here is the text of a bill that was approved by the Govenor of California on October 8, 2021.  This follows what everyone is saying, that health insurance companies cannot be seeking copays or other costs from patients.  And this is retroactive to March 4, 2020.