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Principal's Message 5 / 24 / 20

Good Evening Helms Families, 

This is Principal Petrilli with a couple of announcements as we head into week 7 of quarter four.

  1. I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial day weekend. Because it is an official holiday tomorrow on Monday the 25th, there will be no food distribution.
  2. Starting this week Helms has an appointment schedule for students to clear out their lockers and return books. Last Friday every student received an email with an appointment time. It is important that students only come to Helms at their scheduled appointment time and that they arrive on time. To keep everyone safe only 10 students will be allowed on campus at a time, everyone must wear a mask, and keep a six foot distance from others. Students should return all textbooks but can keep or recycle their science and history books as the district adopted a new curriculum for both subjects. Students should return all library books and 8th graders must turn in their musical instruments. 7th graders may keep their instruments. All students may keep their tablets unless they are NOT returning to the district next year. Eighth graders will also be able to pick up their promotion certificates. We are waiting for our shipment of yearbooks, and will have them available if they arrive. If they don’t, we will create a time for students to pick them up. If you miss your appointment time and need to reschedule follow the directions in the email you received. For this week,  Tuesday are the appointments for the C3 7th grade Health House, Wednesday is the C3 8th grade Law House and Thursday is the C1 7/8th grade Engineering House. 
  3.  8th graders and their families are going to be invited to attend a virtual promotion ceremony on Friday June 12th at 5:30 pm. Students will get information on Tuesday from the google classroom of one of their house teachers about their individual promotion slide. Save this date now, and more details will be forthcoming. 
  4. This Friday is the last day for 7th graders coming back as 8th graders to choose their electives. Please fill out the 8th grade elective choice that is available in the google classroom of your PE teachers and was emailed to every 7th grade student last week by Mr. Hamilton. This is a google form and if it is not turned in by Friday, we will have to  assign an elective to you. 

Thank you, we miss you and stay safe