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Principal's Message 5 / 10/ 20

Good Evening Helms Families,


This is Principal Petrilli with a couple of announcements as we head into week 5 of quarter four.


  1. Tonight, I want to give a special shout out to all our Helms mothers! Thank you for supporting your families in all that you do! We appreciate you!
  2. This past Wednesday, our school board approved a temporary grading policy.   Students who complete work at a level equivalent to C- or higher will receive a “Pass”. Students who complete work at a level that is lower than a C- will receive a “No Mark” but will receive course credit. 
  3. School Site Council is Meeting this Week on Wednesday at 3:30 on Google Meet. If you are not a member but would like to attend as a guest please email us at and we will send you over the details. 
  4. We are working really hard with the district to come up with guidelines for students to retrieve items from their lockers, return books, pick up yearbooks and for 8th graders, receive their promotion certificate. The district has not finalized any plans for high schools or middle school at this moment, but I will inform you as soon as these important decisions are made. I appreciate  your patience!


Thank you, we miss you and stay safe