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Safe Campus for All

We will continue to focus on safety. A strong emphasis will be placed on ensuring our campus is a safe place for students to be and learn. To do this, we will need support from families, students, and community partners. We strongly encourage, and will continue to enforce, students to report incidents to any adult on campus.  
  • All students must wear their student ID card while on campus. This will help identify anyone who shouldn’t be on our campus.
  • Parents/Guardians are welcome on campus, but must sign-in with the front office and display the proper visitor’s identification. All visitors must adhere to WCCUSD policy.
  • Students are only allowed to wear Lovonya DeJean Middle School hats or beanies. No other head-wear will be allowed to be worn or be visible while on campus during school hours.

Together, we can help your student be successful in middle school, all the while preparing them for their high school adventure along with exposing them to ideas about college and career. Feel free to contact me, knowing that email will be the best way…understand that my first priority is DeJean students and being out on campus.