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Enrolling 6th Graders

Crespi Steam studentsCrespi Middle School is opening a pilot program for a select number of 6th graders - enroll now for the 2021-2022 school year!

We’re creating an easy transition to middle school.

Joining middle school as a sixth-grader has many benefits. Students have a more gradual transition from elementary to secondary because we’ve centered their needs in building the class schedule and curriculum. Rather than facing an abrupt change from one teacher for a full day in elementary school to six different teachers in middle school, Crespi students in the 6th-grade pilot program will transition with two core teachers, one for English and history and one for math and science. Students will also have a dedicated PE teacher and their elective teacher.

Check out the programs we offer:

  • Robotics Team
  • Practical STEM programs
  • New engineering partnership for a multitude of engineering experiences
  • Daily electives including music, art, fab lab, and college & career readiness

And how we are helping 6th graders with the transition by offering:

  • Two Core teachers (humanities and STEM)
  • Staggered start time and class periods for 6th graders
  • Private 6th grade lunch period
  • Private daily 6th grade PE classes
  • 6th-grade classes held in a separate wing

Enroll now. Click here, and we will contact you.