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Crespi Core Values, Vision, Mission


Juan Crespi Middle School

Core Values, Vision, Mission

As a reflective community, Crespi embraces the following core values:

  • Academic Rigor
  • Empathetic Relationships
  • Academic & Personal Integrity
  • Growth-Minded Reflection
  • Cultural Humility
  • Laughter/Humor


Crespi Middle School will foster students’ love for learning, cultivate students’ confidence in their own abilities to learn and grow, and equip students with the tools, skills, and habits to navigate high school and beyond.


Crespi Middle School believes in building a reflective community, expanding academic, physical, social-emotional opportunities and cultivating educational equity. As a school we will address the needs of the whole student.  While still holding students to high expectations, be able to recognize the various academic barriers and circumstances that affect a student’s academic performance.  We are committed to creating future leaders through the use of innovative teaching practices.  Students will build their academic vocabulary and develop the skills to debate relevant topics. Students will develop a love for learning to become lifelong learners through the use of technology, project based curriculum, and learning communities. Student successes will be celebrated and recognized through ongoing celebrations.  

As a staff we will provide rigorous academic instruction, foster relationships with empathy, exercise integrity, practice cultural humility, and laugh often. Teachers will aim to engage in a lifelong learning process through challenging their own worldview. We will provide a space for open-ended questions and reflective conversations to learn and grow from one another and better address the needs of our community. Teachers will develop caring relationships with students where students feel known, valued, trusted and affirmed. Their identities will be validated through the teaching practices and relationships that their teachers employ. As a full service community school we provide students with social-emotional support through our Wellness Center.