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A Life Like Mine: Wilson Concludes Black History Month with a Panel of Professionals

Pediatrician Lori Smith-Burrey talks with Wilson Elementary School students as part of Black History Month event. For the past five years, Marcella Jamerson and the Wilson Elementary School community have concluded Black History Month with a professional panel.

On Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, the Tigers ended Black History month with one of their best panels. Former Warriors Center Adonal Foyle headlined this year’s panel as students were able to hear about the careers and stories from a judge, doctor, fitness instructor and business owner, author and former tech industry executive, and a correctional investigator.

For the better part of the morning, students in the fourth and fifth grades as well as one second grade class rotated classrooms to hear each of the six speakers talk about their careers and how they got there.

Students heard from Judge Khadijah Hargett, Pediatrician Lori Smith-Burrey, Children’s Book Author and former Silicon Valley tech executive Kim Simmons, Fitness Instructor and business owner James Patterson, Correctional Investigator Edward Hackett, and Foyle, who played with the Warriors from 1997-2007.

“I love bringing people in to talk with the students,” said Jamerson, a second grade teacher at Wilson. “It is a powerful message when kids see people just like them doing powerful things.”

Check out the short video slideshow of the morning at the top of this story.