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Why we Need to Focus on Black Girls

Black girls

Why do we need to focus on them?
How can we focus on them at home and in school?
What supports can parent/guardians provide/do?


hummingbird As a little girl, I always loved science. I wanted to know why birds could fly, and we as humans could not. I loved to take things apart and figure out how they work. I would look up at the night sky and dream about going to the moon. The older I got, I started to get messages from everywhere that girls (especially black girls) are not scientists and cannot do higher math levels. 

I want to change this by showing black girls that they can be in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math). I want them to see other black women as scientists, computer programmers, and lots more. So how do we do this? We start by doing a few things when black girls are little:

  1. Break stereotypes now by reading books with girls in science and other fields.
    1. 1000 Black girls books resource 
  2. Affirm that our girls are compatible with learning math and science and at high levels.
    1. Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Achievement (MESA)
    2. How to Learn Math
    3. YouCubed
  3. Find activities that girls can do at home that are based in STEM.
    1. Maker Ed
    2. Raspberry Pi


Here are some resources that can help our girls be excited about STEM fields:

Black Girls Code
National Society of Black Engineers
Computer Science
African American Women Civic Leaders Education Policy Briefing
Why Black Girls Need Diverse Books

Our Black girls must not be forgotten! Our Black queens come in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair length, eye color, and more, and are beautiful. We are in the planning stages of providing a summer STEM camp for girls. If you are interested, please fill out this form to be notified of the camp.


Submitted by Ms. Day

Teacher On Special Assignment, OAASA