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Mafanikio Academic Coaching Program

Program Goal:

The Mafanikio Academic Coaching Program (Mafanikio means achievement in Swahili) immerses students in a culture of high academic and behavioral expectations while developing a growth mindset conducive to learning and overcoming challenges, It aims to accelerate academic success by providing support in English Language Arts and Math provides opportunities for students to participate in field trips and other enrichment activities which develop college and career readiness skills. 


Program Components:

Academic: The Academic component for elementary and middle students is provided by online learning platforms that pre-assess and then generate individualized learning paths. All  students use Edmentum’s Study Island in a game format; Students in high school use either Edmentum’s Study Island remediation, or Edmentum’s PLATO Courseware for credit recovery.  Bi -monthly  monitoring and post-assessments are used to monitor students’ progress and success. Students are assisted and supported during their online learning time by instructional coaches in small group settings.


Growth Mindset: For students in grades 1-3, Growing Early Mindsets (GEM) integrates growth mindset and social/emotional learning principles and practices. Students in upper elementary and secondary grades will be immersed in a blended learning curriculum called Brainology, which is designed to teach students the understanding that their intelligence and abilities are not fixed and can be developed through effort. They learn that their brains-like their muscles-become stronger with effort and practice. 


Enrichment: Some of the programs students may have the opportunity to participate in are art, music, sports, food and nutrition, and other activities which celebrate and highlight their culture and traditions. Enrichment programs may vary, as individual schools select the activates that are relative various community partners such as  East Bay Center for Performing Arts Center, Look Good Feel Good.  2 mentoring programs have been subcontracted to support 2 schools, King Elementary and Coronado Elementary.    Their programs will begin in February. Mafanikio students may also participate in field trips (1 per session) to local Bay Area museums (e.g MOAD, Oakland Museum-Black Panther Exhibit, Egyptian Museum, Tech Museum…), science centers (e.g. Planetarium, Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, Chabot Space & Science Center…), colleges and university campus visits, and local company visits (e.g. Facebook, google, Twitter, Wells Fargo.)