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Books Mailed Home

The OAASA has partnered with a book publisher to mail culturally relevant books to your doorstep. Please check the resources link frequently for more information.

Please click here for more resources.

Link to access digital books:

For the user name and password, please contact Ms. Cicely Day at for the information.
You will need to inform us of your child's name, school site, and ID number.


Dear Parent/Guardian, we hope all is well for you and your loved ones.

Reading is fundamental, and is one of the gateways to success in life. The OAASA is pleased to be providing this collection of books, featuring African American/Black characters and/or authors to support your child’s literacy development. These books are for your child to read independently, with your support or/and with the support of other family members. 

Also as part of the collection, we are ecstatic to  be able to offer online access for some of these books in digital format through May, 2021. Link to access digital books:

Username: aawestcontra
Password: lovetoread

After reading the selections, engage your child. Ask them to tell you about what they read and write a summary. It’s fun and educational for students to share their thinking about books they read through conversation and writing. For students who are artistic and super tech savvy, have them create a presentation and/or draw about what they have read. More activities can be found at or by scanning the QR code below.

Your child’s education is important to us as it is to you. We hope you find value in this supplemental delivery of books and are staying safe. We would like you to give us feedback about the books and this program.