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Welcome to the Murphy Elementary School Website

Murphy Elementary School was built in 1955 and is located on the edge of Richmond, near the unincorporated area of El Sobrante. The school has approximately 510 students in grades K through 6, coming from ethnically, culturally and economically diverse populations of our feeder communities. Students come from Richmond, El Sobrante and other local communities, including San Pablo, Hercules, Pinole and Rodeo. Murphy School is a feeder school for Crespi Middle School and DeAnza High School.
At Murphy School we are a community of learners. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, and effective standards-based learning environment that will foster teaching and learning. Our school community is based on mutual respect and responsibility. We recognize and respect the diversity in our community while building on common learning community values and academic goals for our students. Academic achievement is our primary goal.. We address the needs of all of our students and, in particular, students of color and second language learners in order to eliminate the achievement gap. We envision all of our school community members as teachers and learners in order to be apart of the larger, global community.