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ParentLink Message 3.21.22

Good evening, Lincoln families. This is Mrs. Parham with an update on behalf of our Lincoln team. This message contains 3 pieces of information.

First, a reminder that tomorrow is covid testing day tomorrow at Lincoln. We have had 4 straight weeks of having no positive cases at Lincoln, and getting almost our entire community tested every week is very important to keeping us safe. Thank you for continuing to encourage your child to get tested every single Tuesday at Lincoln.

Second, please note that the Superintendent sent out a message to all West Contra Costa families last week about masks. After Friday, April 15th, masks will no longer be mandated for staff and students in elementary schools, but they will continue to be strongly encouraged. We will continue to provide masks for any student who needs one daily, and we will continue to strongly encourage our students to wear them while at school.

And last, a reminder that the FREE dentist is coming to Lincoln this Wednesday, March 23rd! If you would like your child to be seen for a free teeth cleaning, tomorrow is the last day we will accept the Big Smiles application for students. Let us know, in the Front Office, if you need another copy of the application.

That's all I have for now. Please continue to stay safe and take care.