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Athletic Participation Form

Titan Athletics – Athletic Participation Information

(Fall, Winter & Spring) Sports

ALL student athletes must complete an online athletic eligibility (ChalkSchools) form prior to their participation in any 2020-21 athletic team. ALL athletic participation forms can accessed and downloaded on the school website. In order to access the electronic document, you must place your cursor on the link and press Ctrl + Clk. ALL athletes are expected to complete the information and bring a printed copy with them to the first day of practice.   If forms are not completed in ChalkSchools they will NOT be allowed to participate.

Student Eligibility: Each student athlete must:

  • Be currently enrolled at Hercules High School in a minimum of 5 classes.
  • Have earned 25 semester credits for the most recent grading period.
  • Have earned a grade point average of 2.0 for the most recent grading period.
  • Uphold all criteria stated within the athletic code of conduct.

Physical Examinations:

  • A new physical form must be turned in prior to each calendar school year. The parent’s consent and medical examination clearance must be dated after July 1st for the upcoming school year.

Student Athlete Academic Expectations:

  • As a student-athlete I am aware that being part of a team is a privilege and I am expected to successfully complete all coursework and maintain passing grades throughout each season. Academic success by student athletes is considered more important and valuable than winning records and achieving individual athletic accolades. I fully understand that my participation in any school sponsored athletic program may be denied or rebuked if I fail to maintain an academic focus in any class.
  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship and sportsmanship evident by attendance and behavior.
  • Provide proof of health and accident insurance to cover the period in which the student is involved in school athletics.
  • Attend school on the day of each athletic event and/or the previous day of school prior to a weekend event.
  • Take responsibility for all school equipment checked out to them.
  • Complete the entirety of each season.
  • Sign the NCS Ejection Policy Notification and the condition of participation form prohibiting the use of steroids. 

ASB & Athletic Participation (Fair Share Donation): $65.00

  • We kindly ask each athlete to support the overall cost associated with funding each athletic team. This is a one time cost per school year. All funds support the overall costs of athletic uniforms, athletic equipment and allows free entry to any athletic event for the entire school year. Proof of payment will be visible on your child's student ID signified by an “ASB” hole punch mark, once payment is processed.

Fall Athletic Directory: Updates will be visible through the school’s website.

Season Sport Name Email Home Phone Cell Phone
FALL Cheerleading Amelia Moore   510-776-2559
FALL Cross Country Sharlet Gilbert   510-480-8945
FALL Varsity Football Dean Grecco   925-207-3288
FALL JV Football Alcus Bill    
FALL Golf (W)        
FALL Tennis (W) Norman Chan 510-417-2187 510-672-0178
FALL Varsity Volleyball (W) Tu Bui   408-410-1878
FALL F/S Volleyball (W) Tu Bui    
FALL Water Polo (W)   Raymond Irwin    
SPRING Badminton Norman Chan 510-417-2187 510-672-0178
SPRING Baseball Gerald Montgomery 510-964-4229 510-253-8397
SPRING Baseball Alcus Bill 510-932-5823 510-847-2974
SPRING Golf (M)        
SPRING Softball Melvin Figueroa   510-685-8279
SPRING Swimming Chelsea Colliver   707-704-7227
SPRING Tennis (M) Todd Ellis    
SPRING Track & Field James Moore 510-367-0430 510-387-5811
SPRING Volleyball (M)        
WINTER JV Basketball (M) Alcus Bill    
WINTER V Basketball (M) Gerald Montgomery 510-253-8397 707-639-6829
WINTER F Basketball (M) Cam Alston 803-645-9823 650-714-5833
WINTER JV Basketball (W) Amelia Moore   510-776-2559
WINTER V Basketball (W) Louis Montgomery   510-932-5823
WINTER Cheerleading Amelia Moore   510-735-7017
WINTER Soccer (M) Luis A. Molina    
WINTER Soccer (W) Jocylyn Whittemore    
WINTER Wrestling Nelson Stallworth   510-703-4120