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Welcome to the King Elementary School Website

The mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School is to provide every student with equal access to quality education. At Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School we believe that all children are capable of learning at increasingly higher levels. We believe that every child can and will succeed in ways that reflect his or her own unique aptitude and interests. Our aim is to produce effective, informed, productive citizens, to function in society and to improve student academic and social success both inside and outside of school. We strive to enable students to develop physically and mentally, as well as emotionally and socially.  Dr. Kings' staff and parents are committed to providing a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for all our students and families. We feel a quality education can be achieved if the school, family, and community work together to ensure healthy choices for all students. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary Staff is committed to implementing programs that will enable our school to work collaboratively with parents and community organizations. This will allow all stakeholders to become more effective in helping their children to succeed.

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