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Teacher Appreciation Contest Winner


“She helps me when I need help in any subject.”

“He is always full of energy.”

“She is passionate about serving and advocating for students with disabilities.”

“He helps us understand how music is supposed to sound.”

“She is the best teacher.”

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked the WCCUSD community to share with us who their favorite teacher is and why they deserve special recognition.

We received over 800 responses, including the quotes you see above! We will share all the responses we have received this month.

Each teacher we received a response for was entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card, which was conducted this morning.

The winning teacher is: Emily Floyd of Mira Vista Elementary!

Here are quotes we received about Ms. Floyd.

“Ms. Floyd is our favorite teacher because she meets the students where they are.”

“She appreciates her students’ strengths and gives them opportunities to grow.”

“She encourages her students to work hard.”

Congratulations, Emily! Your gift card will be delivered to you at school on California Day of the Teacher (Wednesday, May 11).

WCCUSD teachers, we appreciate you!