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Social Emotional Learning at Highland

This summer, Highland's faculty and staff were trained in Restorative Practices, a District approved social-emotional learning framework that emphasizes community building, safety, and accountability. The Restorative Practices framework has been identified by the California Department of Education as being "highly effective" in creating and maintaining a healthy school climate.

One goal of Restorative Practices is addressing the impact that conflict and misbehavior have on the classroom community. Students work through conflict in a "Community Circle," and take turns discussing their emotional responses using a "talking stick." All students are given the option to pass in the Community Circle.

Like anything else, processing and talking honestly about feelings is a learned skill. You can help your child to develop this skill at home by modeling or "thinking out loud" about how different experiences make you feel, and by encouraging your child to do the same.

We at Highland are very excited about bringing this new approach to social-emotional learning to Highland. As always, please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.