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Principal's Message


Hello Harding Community,

This past Saturday morning we had our first meeting with incoming TK and Kindergarten families.  Many thanks to the volunteer parent facilitators from PTA and SSC, hosts Ted Lam and Amy-lynn Fischer, among other leaders who collected and answered questions in breakout rooms.  We shared what return to school information we have now and will publish answers to questions that we did not have time to address in the next couple of weeks.  

The hardest thing for families new to school is to imagine what school will look like for any amount of distance learning.  Teachers learned a lot from our Spring experiences, to incorporate along with family feedback, into next year’s plans.  Towards the end of the spring trimester, a typical week in kindergarten included a comprehensive schedule that gave families the tools and flexibility to help their child as needed and fit school into the family schedule.  Almost all learning activities could be done anytime during the week and teachers modified plans for individual students if needed.  For next year, teachers are working to increase the flexibility and support for students and caregivers to allow facilitation by family members and/or childcare providers.  

District return to school plans are still due to the county on July 20.  Once approved, the district will announce our Fall model, probably in early to mid-August.  Harding teachers will continue to plan for any scenario with a focus on parent education and community supports.  Parent leadership teams at Harding are also planning more comprehensive community building systems, like buddy families and grade level social pod formation assistance, to assure the community connection and relationship building for the social-emotional wellbeing of all of us.

Some great news has gotten lost in the mix:  Harding was awarded $26,475 from Hewlitt Packard to support student centered instruction for deeper learning.  Tune in next week for details!

Take care and stay safe.


Mrs. Takimoto

Mrs. Linda Takimoto, Principal