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FOSS Kit Checkout & Community STEM Centers

Through a generous grant from Chevron Corporation, our district hosts seven Community STEM Centers:
  • Downer Elementary School, Room 221
  • Crespi Middle School, Hybrid Fab Lab (opening soon)
  • Harding Elementary School, Room 210
  • Kennedy High School, Fab Lab
  • Lupine Hills Elementary School, Room 204
  • Pinole Middle School, Room BSL1
  • Verde Elementary School, Room B10

FOSS Kit Checkout

The Community STEM Centers provide a check out system for Full Option Science System (FOSS) kits. FOSS kits include hands-on science investigations and accompanying student and teacher materials. District classroom teachers may check out the kits. FOSS kits can be checked out for a trimester.  You can obtain more information on each of the kits by clicking on the links below.
• Grade K: Animals Two by Two
• Grade K: Materials and Motion
• Grade K: Trees and Weather
• Grade 1: Air and Weather
• Grade 1: Plants and Animals
• Grade 1: Sound and Light
• Grade 2: Insects and Plants
• Grade 2: Solids and Liquids
• Grade 3: Motion and Matter
• Grade 3: Structures of Life
• Grade 3: Water and Climate
• Grade 4: Energy
• Grade 4: Environments
• Grade 5: Mixtures and Solutions
• Grade 5: Earth and Sun
• Grade 5: Living Systems
• Grade 6: Earth History
• Grade 6: Planetary Science
• Grade 6: Weather and Water

Planning Guides:  1-2 page overviews for FOSS kits

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