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Covid-19 Testing Information for All Participating in the Voluntary Spring In-Person Intervention and Instruction Plan

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Dear WCCUSD families,

Thank you for an exciting week where we opened all 54 school buildings for the first time in more than a year. It was a pleasure to see so many students happy and excited about the Voluntary Spring In-Person Intervention and Instruction plan.  All 54 school principals and their teams did a fantastic job preparing their campuses for a safe return. 

As we build on the momentum, we need the families participating to follow all safety protocols as part of the plan. Part of the plan includes universal Covid-19 testing for all students and staff participating. We apologize for any confusion this week about Covid-19 testing. We are clarifying that Covid-19 testing is required for the spring in-person program. 

Next week, all students and staff participating will need to take a Covid-19 test to help keep WCCUSD schools safe. Students tested this week will not need to be tested again. 

Testing is free and done with a mouth swab. The testing companies will be on each campus next week for anyone that did not get tested this week. It is a walk-up test, and parents/guardians can either bring the testing form, sent by e-mail from the company, or fill out the form at the school.

We will review the list of who needs a Covid-19 test next week to ensure everyone has been tested. We understand there may be some students who have medical or religious obstacles in being tested. For those families, please follow these steps:

  • Submit, in writing, a note to your school Principal that your family has a religious objection to testing
  • Or a note from your doctor/provider stating your student has a medical condition where testing on campus would not be appropriate.

Athletes participating in school sports are not exempt from testing and must get tested to play.

Testing is necessary to help ensure the health and safety of each individual on the school campus.

In the event that there is a positive Covid-19 test result, individuals in the cohort or who have had close contact may need to quarantine at home for 10 days before resuming in-person support.

Close contact is defined by public health as direct physical contact or person-to-person contact totaling 15 minutes or more within less than 6 feet to a confirmed case within a 24-hour period.

Thank you to all for understanding and getting ALL individuals tested.