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Alpha Focus: DeJean Middle School's Christina Ferry named Teaching Excellence Award Winner

The third Teaching Excellence Award Winner is….

DeJean Middle School teacher Christina Ferry Christina Ferry, DeJean Lovonya Middle School, 7-8 ELD  

Ms. Ferry has been at DeJean Middle School for the past 6 years. During that time, she has come to the understanding that the way to work for the best interest of the student is by working in the community. She counts on the support of her colleagues and other adults to meet the differing needs of students--both inside her classroom and throughout the school. 

In the classroom, she seeks to build a culture of trust with her students where they can open up and be their full selves. This involves working with onsite therapists in weekly community circles to ensure students have a strong support system and dedicating the time necessary to address how to best assist a struggling student. She has been a part of a team of fellow teachers and staff who brainstorm together, create solutions, and trust positive intent to do the best for their students. 

Ms. Ferry will be representing WCCUSD this year at the annual Teacher Of the Year Award ceremony. Go, Christina! 

"I am so grateful to be chosen for the Teaching Excellence Award. There are so many colleagues who deserve credit including, my mentor, Angela Barra, Jason Lau, and John Iwawaki from ESCAPE club (, Mary Lugton, and the amazing DeJean staff. DeJean has the most outstanding students, and our adults on campus are the most dedicated people I know," Ferry said. "I can't express my gratitude for being a part of the Lovonya DeJean community. Thank you Ed Fund for the recognition."