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Message from the Superintendent: Supreme Court Decision


Dear WCCUSD community:

Today, the US Supreme Court ended almost 50 years of constitutional protection for abortion with a 5-4 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. I believe we are taking a step back as a country by eroding the rights of women and taking away their ability to make important health decisions.

The right to an abortion is still protected in California and other states. Access to reproductive health care is also protected in our state. Planned Parenthood still operates centers across California that provide abortion services. In our county, Contra Costa County Health services is committed to ensuring all county residents have access to safe, compassionate care.

We are a diverse school district community with many different opinions. We also will defend the rights of everyone in our community when those rights are challenged, and to stand up for the rights of women and all individuals to make decisions about their bodies.

In community,

Dr. Kenneth Chris Hurst