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Feb 26 Coronavirus Update

February 26, 2020

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Dear WCCUSD Community,

Recent news reports have indicated an increase in the number of coronavirus cases internationally. However, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the immediate health risk from the virus remains low for the general American public, but more cases are likely to be identified in coming days.

We understand the concern felt by some in the community and want you to know that we are monitoring this situation closely in order to keep our schools safe. District staff has been in contact with the Contra Costa County Health Services (CCHS) and Contra Costa County Office of Education about the coronavirus and are following their advice, which is in line with federal guidelines. 

As of February 3, people who are returning to the United States from mainland China are subject to screening at their port of entry. If they exhibit any flu-like symptoms, they will be held in federal quarantine. If they do not have any symptoms, they are being advised to stay at home for 14 days and to monitor their health for flu-like symptoms. 

We understand there is some concern about people who may have recently travelled to other countries that have reported cases. We will work with employees and students who have recently travelled to impacted areas and that on a case by case basis we will take preventive measures to ensure the health and safety of all parties. County health officials advise sick students and staff to stay home from school until they feel better, as per WCCUSD’s attendance policy. 

It’s important to know that the only cases of coronavirus in Contra Costa County have been from patients transported to local hospitals for treatment. 

While the coronavirus has been a major concern, health officials remind us that the best way to prevent getting or spreading any respiratory illness is to follow proper respiratory etiquette. County health officials recommend schools take the following steps:

  • Stay home from school or work if you are sick
  • Frequently wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer
  • Cover with an elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth and limit close contact with people who are sick

Local information about the virus and cold and flu season is available at

If you have any questions about the coronavirus, please contact your healthcare professional.