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National School Nurse Day: Q&A With District Nurse Bridget Moran

Bridget Moran and part of her School Nurse team. Moran is in the pink blouse, 2nd from the right.

In honor of #NationalSchoolNurseDay, we spent some time with Bridget Moran, head nurse for the District who is retiring in June. Ms. Moran has been in the nursing field for 45 years, including the past 11 as a #DistrictNurse here in West County. We asked Ms. Moran a few questions about being a District nurse and leading her team of 11 full-time nurses, 9 part-time nurses, 11 Licensed Vocational Nurses, and 6 health aides and this is what she said:

Q: What is the best part about being a District nurse?
Moran: In addition to my team, the best part is helping to empower students and families to be as healthy as possible and to utilize District resources to make that possible.

Q: What is the role of a District nurse?
Moran: District nurses help students maintain and regain health, whether that is from an illness or trauma, and we help to empower parents/families to help their children. Health is the overall basis for success. We help students and families maintain their health and if health is not maintained they can’t concentrate on being the best they can be.

Q: How have you seen the role of the District nurse change?
Moran: District nursing is so different than what people expect or used to see with nurses with little white caps sitting in an office and handing out band aides. We deal with everything from diabetes to seizures. It is like a post pediatric ICU role in that you take care of really severe situations and students and you take care of them and everyone else in their circle.

Q: What will you miss most about being a District nurse?
Moran: I am going to miss the daily camaraderie with the team. That camaraderie is what keeps you going and it feeds your soul no matter what you are going through. I am also going to miss the students and their families and the support of Nick Berger, Sonja Neely-Johnson, and Rachel Avanessian.

The WCCUSD nursing team: Full time credentialed District RNs - Bridget Moran, Jill Brickner, Cate Whitridge, Joel Siapno, Ross Ramos, Kanon Lee, Sharon Ramos-Quintos, Stacie Campbell, Stefanie Consuelo Zermeno, Lana Ebert, Christina Perry; Part-time credentialed RNs - Elaine Claudeanos, Frances Ng, Susan Blevins, Nancy Dobra, Sheila Hoad, MaryEllen Shields, Tish Widemann, Lori Berlin, Carole Arcellana; District LVNs - Kiran Janda, Sofia-Lopez-Masoli, Amanda Nunez, Gizabel Perez, Denise Santos, Angelique Slayton, Terryl Washington, Tiffany Scott, Latisha Hill, Isis Grayson, and Narle Pancho; District Health Aides - Janice Akesbi, Mayra Contreras, Wendy Kerr, Marisol Leon, Yanina Salazar, and part-time Helena Bencheikh; Secretary - Judy Gerloff.