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Air Quality Update: Schools Are Open Tuesday, Nov. 13

All schools and district departments will be open on Tuesday, November 13.

Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home if they feel it is best for them to do so.

With schools being open tomorrow, here are a few things parents should know:

  1. Heating and cooling systems have been shut down to prevent smoke from being drawn into schools. This means classrooms will likely be cold when students arrive in the morning. Parents are urged to make sure children bring a warm jacket or sweater.
  2. Principals have been directed to keep students inside as much as possible, including for recess, lunch, PE and after school programs.
  3. All outdoor athletic practices and events have been cancelled until the air quality improves.
  4. The District will not distribute masks to students. The District is taking guidance from the Contra Costa County Health Services, which advises that masks are not a substitute for staying indoors, are not effective for untrained users, and may be dangerous for people with lung or heart conditions. In addition, respirators that are effective in filtering out smoke particles (like the N-95) do not come in sizes suitable for children.
  5. If children are experiencing health concerns due to the air quality, parents are encouraged to contact their health care professional.

The air quality is forecast to be in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range for the rest of the week. District staff is monitoring the situation and will keep parents and staff informed of any status changes.

Additional information can be found on the District website at