West Contra Costa Unified

School District

Subcommittee on Clay Investigation

Documents for August 1, 2016 meeting:

Documents presented at the May 23, 2016 meeting:
Redacted VLS WCCUSD Contract Amendment
Cost Reporting 

Documents presented at the January 7, 2016 meeting:
Documents presented at the November 30, 2015 meeting: 
Proposals from firms selected for interviews regarding Forensic Auditor
Two law firms responded to the Board's Request for Proposals to be considered as special counsel on this matter.
They are Kawahara Law and Rehon Roberts.

WCCUSD Clay Investigation - Bond Program – Fraud Hotline 


To:          WCCUSD Community

From:    Clay Investigation Subcommittee

If you have any relevant information to share regarding possible fraud, waste or abuse within the District’s bond program, you may directly contact the forensic auditors, Vicenti Lloyd & Stutzman LLP (VLS), which have been retained by the District.

The toll-free telephone number and website link included below go directly to the VLS forensic auditors, and not the District.  You may report information anonymously or you may share your contact details in the event you would like one of the auditors to contact you directly.

The District values and appreciates your efforts in helping to support the integrity of the bond program.

24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline: (888) 956-7678

Fraud Hotline Website: https://vlsllp.com/wccusd/

Password to access website: wccusd