Division Head: Matthew Duffy, Superintendent of Schools

    Chief Technology Officer: Tracey Logan
    Senior Administrative Secretary: Wendy Pangelina

    Information Technology Center (ITC) 

    1300 Potrero Avenue
    Richmond, CA 94804
    Phone: (510) 231-1125
    Fax: (510) 231-1122

    Help Desk  

    Help Desk utilizes the ZenDesk customer service tool that makes it more efficient for ITS to track and manage all reported problems.  Contact helpdesk@wccusd.net  to report all issues with PowerSchool, Attendance, CALPADS, CBEDS, CDRC, data integration, email, network, phones, technology, etc.
    FAX: (510) 215-2104

    HelpDesk Support Lines:
    Attendance:  (510) 307-4557
    CALPADS/CBEDS/CRDC:  (510) 231-1124
    Student Information System (PowerSchool): (510) 231-1121
    Tech Support/Repair, E-Mail Access, Internet Issues, Phones, Network, all else:   (510) 231-1125

    IT Operations

    IT Operations Manager:  Mark Terrill 

    IT Operations Supervisor: David Oliver

    Senior Desktop Support Technician: Ennis Pool
    Senior Desktop Support Technician: Zach Saielli
    Desktop Support Technician: Joel Mireles
    Desktop Support Technician: Jeff DeFabio
    Desktop Support Technician: Joe Guitron
    Desktop Support Technician: Gregory Holm
    Desktop Support Technician: Matthew Herrera
    Desktop Support Technician: Darren Green
    Desktop Support Technician: Dennis Lai
    Desktop Support Technician: Luis Nunez
    Desktop Support Technician: Ronald Halsne
    Desktop Support Technician:  James Contreras
    Information Helpdesk Technician: Colleen Denny-Duggan
    Information Helpdesk Technician: Gehan Cheung

    Systems Administrator: Vin Duong
    Systems Administrator: Perry Oda


    Senior Network Engineer:  Jamal Abki

    Network Engineer: Jim Lipscomb
    Network Engineer: Cedric Sandjo
    VOIP Programmer Technician: Jose Castro

    Data Management

    Director, Systems Integration:  Yevgen Pshechenko  

    Data Integration Analyst: Julie Norris

    State Reporting Coordinator: Marc-Cedric Latreille
    State Reporting Technician: Santino Aguilar
    State Reporting Technician: Maria-Luisa Huizar 
    Student Information System Office
    Student Information Services Supervisor: Kim Chamberlain
    Database Administrator:  Jeff Roberts
    Attendance Enrollment Technician:  Julie Yamashita
    Attendance Enrollment Technician: John Holman
    Attendance Enrollment Technician: Veronica Villagomez
    Attendance Enrollment Technician: Vanessa Mathias

    HelpDesk  (PowerSchool, Attendance, CALPADS, CBEDS, CDRC, data integration)