• At WCCUSD, we aim to provide African American students with equitable resources, opportunities and avenues to succeed in college, career, and beyond. We are committed to supporting the achievement and success of African American/Black students in the District. View the approved School Board Resolution 46-1920 presented by the African American Site Advisory Team (AASAT).

  • William McGee

    Hello families of a Black/African American student. Welcome to the 2021-22 school year and back to in person learning. My name is William McGee, the director of the Office of African American Student Achievement (OAASA).


    This school year marks the third year that OAASA has been in operation in the WCCUSD. Guided by the WCCUSD’s Board of Education’s resolution in support of the achievement of African American/Black students in the WCCUSD, my office is committed to support the school district with improving educational outcomes for our Black students, strengthening family engagement, and providing professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff.


    An important part to increasing student achievement is parent/guardian involvement. My office supports the Family And Community Engagement (FACE) department with outreach efforts to our Black families, and supporting our school sites with outreach. The district’s sponsored parent leadership committee (PLC) for Black/African American families is the African American Site Advisory Team (AASAT). The African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) is the school site level African American parent/guardian meeting space. Each of our school sites are required to establish an AAPAC. Please contact your school site’s principal about information on joining the AAPAC.


    You can view the OAASA strategic plan based on the resolution to support Black students here. For the 2021-22 school year, the OAASA will host monthly parent/guardian workshops based on feedback from our AASAT executive committee and our site level AAPACs. We will produce a calendar for the meetings. In conjunction with the special education department, we are also hosting workshops on the overidentification of Black students in the special education program qualifying as emotionally disturbed. We hope that you will join us for all of the workshops geared at supporting you and your child(ren).

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