• The Common Core State Standards, adopted for the state of California a few years ago, is still new to our school system and is being implemented across all areas for students. The point of the CCSS, is to focus on building skills in the classroom for students to access knowledge and information for the rest of their lives. Unlink traditional standards, Common Core uses content as a tool, but not as the main part of the classroom. Literacy, collaboration, and critical thinking are the main components in a CCSS classroom. Students learn to problem solve, be creative and logical, and learn to build upon ideas together in order to be successful. This is a major shift for everyone involved, from parents and teachers, to the students themselves. One of the challenges of teaching in High School, is that our students have grown accustomed to a traditional style of education, and the shift can be challenging.

    We encourage all of our parents and community members to learn more about what Common Core is about, and how it will serve the needs of our community and students moving forward. Please check out this link for more information on the truths vs myths of Common Core, and make sure to speak to your students and teachers on how it is being used in the classroom.