• The following are sports highlights for the 2019-2020 athletic year for the Richmond High Oilers. 

    Note: The spring seasons were disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All sports were suspended the week of March 13th, 2020 for the remainder of the season.

    Girls Basketball: 14-17

    Coach: Jeffrey Jaymot

    Coach Jaymot had been waiting for a season like this. While the girls did not end up with a winning record overall, they played teams from all over and came together as a team. The girls made it to the playoffs and made a deep run to the championship against Pinole Valley where thye unfortuntely lost. Great season girls!

    Boys Basketball: 1-20

    Coach: Teddie Briscoe

    This season was a tough one for the young team at Richmond High. While the younger JV looks like thye will have a strong season coming up, the Varsity saw a lot of struggles. We are hoping to revamp the basketball program for next year with some additions to the staffing.

    Baseball: 3-4

    Coach: Marvin Click

    Alumni Coach Click has come to help the Oilers with the baseball program. Click has some background playing at the Junior College level and we are excited to have him as part of the team. While the season was cut short, in a few weeks this team had some early victories which is great to see. We believe, once we return from quarantine for next season, that this team has potential!

    Football: 2-8

    Coach: Mapps & Lincoln

    This was a really tough season for football, as the Oiler's saw their coach leave halfway through the season. Luckily some alumni were able to step in and assist at this time. The team sturggled towards the end, but we are exciting looking forward to the 2020 season with the additions of some new coachs on staff, and retaining Coach Mapps and Lincoln, as well as Coach Briscoe. 

    Boys Soccer: 11-9-5

    Coach: Rene

    The boys had a slow start to the season. The talent was there but they struggled pulling off another championship run. While the boys team defeated a very strong Kennedy team to win TCAL, early in the NCS tournament the boys lost and left the tournament. We could have gone for a deeper run, but it wasn't meant to be this year.

    Girls Soccer: 4-13-2

    Coach: Franco & Damaris Franco

    Don't let this record fool you, the girls gave some teams a fright during their playoff run. First defeating Vallejo 4-0 and then defeating Pinole Valley in a shootout, the girls lost to top-ranked El Cerrito to close their season. 

    Boys Tennis: 0-1

    Coach: Jeffrey Jaymot

    Sadly the season was cut short due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

    Girls Tennis: 4-9-1

    Coach: Jeffrey Jaymot

    Coach Jaymot continues to work and build this team. While thye kept the same record as last year, we will see if this current squad can improve to a winning record next fall.

    Softball: 3-3

    Coach: Zuleyma and Kimi

    We knew this team would take a strong step in the right direction, but unfortunetly the quarantine put an end to the season quickly. Even still, 3 early victories out of the gate, almost half the wins from last season, is a good indicator of the work being put into this program. 

    Boys Volleyball: 0-2

    Coach: Andres Calderon

    Due to the quarantine, the team did not get a chance to play their full season.

    Girls Volleyball: 6-19

    Coach: Andres Calderon

    The girls ended with the same record as last year. We hope they get a chance to conitnue building their program and recruiting. 

    If you are interested in helping our athletic programs here at Richmond High, please contact AD Coach Deryk Hudson or Assistant Principal John Hillyer.