• The following are brief summaries of the 2018-2019 sports season for the Richmond High Oilers.

    Baseball: 4-12

    Coach: Deryk Hudson

    The team was looking to make a step forward but unfortunetly it did not pan out. We have some up and coming talent in the 9/10 grades but hopefully a rebuilding period will assist the team moving forward. 

    Boys Basketball: 12-13

    Coach: Robert Collins

    In his last season as Coach of the storied team, Coach Collins led the Oilers to strong stretches of victory, and peaked at the right time at the end of the season. With key victories over rival Kennedy, the team pushed hard in the playoffs but fell short. 

    Girls Basketball: 8-18

    Coach: Jeffrey Jaymot

    Coach Jaymot has been working hard at building this team over the last 2 years. Still a young team, this group almost had double digit wins for the first time in many years. Coach Jaymot has made sure the girls get a diverse group of opponents to continue to build the program. We are lookking forward to next year when the girls have more experience as a team together. 

    Football 2-8

    Coach: Andy Odisio

    In the last season under Coach Odisio the Oilers had a rebuilding year. Always cheered on by local alumni and the large marching band at the home games, the team struggled to find it's indentity. Coach Odisio will be missed but thankfully he still comes by now and then. 

    Girls Soccer 4-13-3

    Coach: Franco

    This season the girls did not play to their strengths and fell short of their expectations. With some more practice though, this team still has a young core that when realized, will become a storng team. 

    Boys Soccer: 20-5-2

    Coach: Rene

    The boys soccer team did what it has done so often in the past; won TCAL, almost won NCS, and made a storng appearance in CIF. Thisp laced the team in the top 50 for all soccer teams in the State, and the top 150 teams in the entire United States. This is no accident, as the team was built to thrive under pressure. Great job Oilers!

    Softball: 5-15

    Coach: Zuleyma and Kimi

    The softball team had not been looked after for some time, and getting a program started is no easy task. Enter Zuleyma and Kimi, two coaches born and raised in WCCUSD who want to change all that. The first season under new direction is always tough, but we think the softball program is headed for better days. 

    Boys Tennis: 9-8

    Coach: Jeffrey Jaymot

    The boys tennis team is a program that has been on the rise under the direction of Coach Jaymot. The team has been together for awhile, and led a strong outing this year with dominating wins (both 5-2) against El Cerrito and Pinole Valley.

    Girls Tennis: 4-9-1

    Coach: Jeffrey Jaymot

    The girls tennis team struggled this year but maintained some of the highest collective grades than any other athletic team on campus. While thye did not have winning season, they did put some big W's against Mt. Diablo, Pinole Valley, and Vallejo.

    Girls Volleyball: 6-19

    Coach: Andres Calderon

    The Volleyball team lost many starters from the previous year so it is back to rebuilding. The team came together late in the season but it wasn't enough and they faced some tough losses.

    Boys Volleyball: 9-15

    Coach: Andres Calderon

    The boys did slightly better than the girls team, and while thye did well in non-league, they only went 2-6 in league play. Their playing did better down the line towards the end, as they went on a winning streak, however a turnament at St. Patrick's led to 4 straight losses to end their season.

    If you are interested in helping out for our Athletic teams, please contact Coach Deryk Hudson, the AD or John Hillyer, Assistant Principal.