Teachers at Richmond High

8 Teachers Polled

  • What is your favorite activity?

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    12.5% said netflix

    12.5% said socializing/going out

    12.5% said staying in doing work

    50% said other

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  • What did you major in college?

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    1. Liberal studies

    2. Phychology

    3. Para legal

    4. Political Science

    5. Classical Languages

    6. English

    7. History and Social Science

    8. International Development

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  • What state were you born in?

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    1. 3 people said California

    4. Oregon

    5. Greece

    6. Madrid, Spain

    7. Olognapo, Zambales, PhilippineRepublic

    8. SouthDakota

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  • What did college did you attend?

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    1. Sacramento State

    2. UC Davis

    3. Humphreys College

    4. Sonoma State University

    5.University of Hawaii

    6. CSU Chico

    7. UC Berekely

    8. Portland State University

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  • "I enjoy watching my students succeed." -Mr. Romeo


    "I feel proud when I see my students helping each other out." -Ms. Bethea


    "I enjoy helping out students who come in for help when they don't get the material.'' -Ms. Holmes


    "I like how my students work together, they make me proud." -Mr. Jenkins


    "I love seeing my students creativity and I love seeing them work hard and reach their goals." -Ms. Schmalz