Diploma Ordering Instructions

  • We are using Jostens for our Diplomas. Dan Grobeck will be working closely with each of you to make sure your needs are taken care of.  I have created a Munis blanket purchase order to cover all the diploma purchases.

    Any communications you have with Jostens regarding Diploma orders or corrections should be sent to: Lindsey Sauter: rachael.volsen@jostens.com and cc Dan Grobeck: daniel.grobeck@jostens.com and Mary Kitchen: mkitchen@wccusd.net

     Do not send the student lists in pdf format, send them in excel format only.

     » Our blanket purchase order for Jostens for the 2022/23 School year is 20230795 

    1. Email your count for Diploma Covers by Friday February 24, 2023, earlier if possible.
    2. Using Jostens template create your student list. 
    3. Complete the Diploma Information Form using Internet Explorer
    4. Deadline to submit your Student list & Info Form is Friday, March 17, 2023   

    If you have a new principal this year, please complete Jostens Signature Form 

    1. Use a fine line black felt tip pen, signing within the guides. 
    2. Do not use wide tip pens or ballpoint ink as they do not reproduce well.
    3. Complete the Name as Signed and Title to print lines.
    4. Scan with a 400 to 600 DPI and email Mary Kitchen and Lindsey Sauter and give it to Dan when he is at your site.

    Submit corrections for current year diplomas on the Diploma Correction Form.  Additions to the current year list can be emailed directly to hsdiplomaorders@jostens.com, include your school name, graduation date and student name.

    If at any time, you need to order a replacement diploma for a student that graduated in a prior year, please complete the Replacement/Never Ordered Diploma Request form in Informed K12.  Attach the transcript and submit it to your principal for approval.  Cost for a diploma that is older than one year is approximately $35.00 plus shipping/handling and tax.

    If you have any questions, contact Mary at (510) 231-1192, mkitchen@wccusd.net or Dan Grobeck at (925) 283-9283, daniel.grobeck@jostens.com