• In some computer science classes, students have begun using a game engine to create a playable video game.
    Students applied  logic and collision theory in game design and user interface design.
    Here are some of the skills students acquired during their game design adventure:
    • Programmed a start, replay, and quit button using if statements in an event editor
    • Created paths for objects and avatars to follow
    • Controlled speed and angle of falling objects
    • Looped and reversed movement of an avatar
    • Created a scoring system based on collisons with given objects.
    • Set boundaries using condition statements to keep objects within a frame
    • Used a storyboard control to organize the order of game from title frame to hi-score frame
    • Programmed keyboard shortcuts for pause and quit
    • Created a stand-alone exe file that you can share with others
    The following game was programmed and designed by freshman Jaime Mendoza. It is an exe file and is safe to download. Please give Jaime's game a try.