"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

    Welcome to Room A1, the SH classroom of Pinole Middle School. Our classroom follows the district recommended Basics2 Curriculum and Framework with infused Common Core Standards in all five domains: (1) Functional Academics (2) Domestic Domain (3) Vocational Domain (4) Community Domain (5)Recreation and Leisure. Below are listings of targeted goals derived from the Basics3 manual,  every child in this classroom work really hard to achieve those goals. 
    Basics3 Curriculum and Framework
    Targeted Skills on Five Domains
    • Functional Academics 
      • Goal areas: Recipes, Names in Print, Writing Name, Comprehension, Reading, Clock skills, Money skills, Expressive vocabulary, Community signs, Library Activities, Computer Skills, Writing Skills, Calendar Skills, Calculator Skills, Number Sense 
    • Domestic Domain
      • Goal Areas: Grooming/Hygiene, Dressing, Personal Safety, Basic Food Preparation, Organization/Cleaning of Rooms, Home Maintenance, Phone Use, Table Setting, Proper Use of Utensils, Restroom Use, Use of Kitchen Appliances, Scheduling (School/Personal), Social Greetings, Personal Health Management, Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Awareness,Sex Education,Minor First Aid, Self-Regulation, Communication Skills, and Self-image
    • Community Domain
      • Goal Areas: Table Manners, Restaurant Etiquette, Restaurant Behaviors, Social Behavior, Phone Use, Phone Etiquette, Conversation Skills, Personal Information, Shopping, Safe Community Access, Street Safety, Vending Machine Use, Public Restroom Use, Stranger and Safety Awareness, Personal Space, Public Transportation, Family Relationships, Dating, Self-Advocacy, and Cultural Differences
    • Vocational Domain
      • Goal Areas:Vocational Awareness, Work Skills, Self-Control, Personal Interests, Social Communication at Work, Classroom Jobs, Career Exploration, Work Behavior, Work Quality, Follow Directions, Follow Schedules, Transitioning, Cooperation During Work, Chain of Command, Work Communication, Job Standards, Graduation and Future Living
    • Recreation & Leisure
      • Goal Areas: Social Communication, Friendships, Social Activities, Choosing Recreational Activities, Developing Personal Interests, Participation in School Activities, Participation in Community Activities, Sharing, Developing Social Manners, Developing Social Humor, Computers, Community Services/Groups, Operating Audiovisual Equipment, Personal Fitness, Personal Feelings/Emotions, Self-Regulation, Sportsmanship, and Self-Esteem
    Unique Learning System

    ULS empowers students with complex learning needs to reach their full potential in a learning environment customized just for them. With accessible, differentiated lessons and activities, our research-based content enables every student to participate in daily, age-respectful, standards-based instruction.

    Students usin

    g Unique Learning System keep pace with their general education peers through rigorous course materials aligned to national and state extended standards. Easy online access via their secure, individualized Student View empowers independent learning, and tailored preference settings, plus a 1:1 connection with their teacher further enhance this personalized approach to instruction. A focus on transition and life skills embedded within their academic instruction gives students the added confidence to plan for their futures beyond the classroom

    Supplemental  Online Curriculum:

    • Mobymax
    • Raz Kidz
    • ABCya
    • Starfall
    • Typing web
    Classroom Environment
    Our classroom is equipped with necessary technology. We have five desktop computers,a laptop, twelve tablets, two overhead projectors, television, dvd player, iPad, go talk communication device, bluetooth sound system, and disc player. For our visually impaired students we have enlarged keyboard and document enlarger CCTV device. The classroom space is divided into different sections to ensure ease of learning. The circular work tables are located at the middle of the classroom where students work in a circle  facing one another enhancing their peer-to-peer interaction. The kitchen area is equipped with modern appliances that are used to teach life skills; we have oven, grill, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, toaster, coffeemaker, and blender. The classroom has its own restroom, which is wide in structure, and has a wide entrance/exit door; it also has a hand rail inside and a changing table as added features for disability access. The classroom also has its own washer/dryer area. Evidently, our classroom is a modern facility fully prepared to support life skills learning and functional academics enhancement for students with moderate to severe disabilities.
    Lastly, our classroom adheres to evidence-based practices. Evidence-based practices are instructional strategies or interventions that have resulted to consistent positive results, such are products of rigorous researches prior to being considered as evidence-based practice. 


Last Modified on September 10, 2019