• Olinda’s Uniform Dress Code

    Olinda is a uniform school, therefore please make sure students wear uniforms on a daily basis.
    Research has shown the use of school uniforms enhances school safety, improves the learning
    environment, reduces ethnic and racial tensions, bridges socioeconomic differences between
    children, promotes good behavior, improves children’s self-respect and self-esteem, and
    produces cost savings for participating families. Our uniform colors are khaki, navy bottoms and
    white or navy polo-shirt. Students attending Olinda Elementary are required to wear official school uniforms or dress according to the dress code. At the beginning of each year, parents
    may sign an opt-out form if they request that their child be exempt from wearing a school
    uniform. Signing the form indicates that students will comply with the dress code. Failure to
    follow the dress code means the child will be required to wear a school uniform.
    The principal may occasionally designate a School Spirit Day, Modified Dress Day or Free
    Dress Day at her discretion. Fridays will be a free dress day for all students.

    Olinda’s School Dress Code
    Students dressed in neat, clean, and appropriate attire contribute to a positive learning
    environment. Any attire that causes a distraction or a safety concern is inappropriate for school.
    It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are dressed according to the following
    Olinda School standards:
    ● Clothing must be neat, clean and free of rips and holes.
    ● Clothing must not be distracting or compromise safety
    ● Pants may not sag. No spandex or pajama bottoms allowed.
    ● Shoes must be closed-toe and appropriate for P.E. activities. Rubber soled shoes are
    suggested. Shoes with wheels are not allowed.
    ● Head coverings may be worn to and from school, but not indoors except for religious or
    medical reasons.
    ● Shirts should be protective-California sunshine can be intense and shoulders should be
    covered. No tank tops, cropped shirts, or see-through materials.
    ● Only school-appropriate emblems, logos, or decorations will be allowed. Clothing or
    buttons with obscene or inappropriate words or pictures are not allowed.
    ● Gang-affiliated or related clothing and paraphernalia are not allowed.
    ● Sunglasses may not be worn in class unless prescribed by a physician for medical
    ● Any student not adhering to the Uniform or Dress Code Policies will receive:
    1st infraction: Verbal reminder to student and/or phone call home.
    2nd infraction: Phone call to parents or guardians.
    3rd infraction: Conference with parents or guardians and requirement that
    students adhere to District Uniform Policy

Last Modified on May 9, 2023