Pants:   By Board Policy: Pants must fit and not SAG, BAG, OR DRAG. Whether the student is abiding by the uniform policy or using a waiver this is required. Pants have to be at the belly button and hang no lower than the top of shoe.Pants cannot have comments placed across the front or rear which would draw attention to that area or have inappropriate advertisements, logos, pictures, or comments. No mis-sized (to large/to small) sweats, no pajama type pants, leggings or jeggings are allowed. If uniform, must be black, blue, dark grey, dark green or any brown or khaki color. No shreds or tears larger than silver dollar size and not in inappropriate areas again NO RED, even in piping on pants. Per DISTRICT Policy. 

    Shirts, blouses:  Again by the Board Policy they must fit properly, shoulders covered from neck to shoulder and have a sleeve of some type; cannot be too low in the front or back. Shirts or blouses cannot show midriff when walking, sitting, or raising your hand and they must fit somewhat loosely but not oversized. Shirts/blouses cannot be too tight or tied at the side or back to display midriff or too make shirt fit very snugly; this includes when they sit as well. NO RED IS ALLOWED. It is the local gang color and we do not encourage its use for the safety of our students and is restricted in our uniform policy as well.

    Shoes: Standard, close-toed, and must have a back or back strap.  Protects the top of the foot if a fall occurs on the asphalt and keeps shoe from flying off when kicking and possibly hurting another student.  Single sole, flat shoes only please. Broken ankles can occur when the student runs, or engages in PE-type activities when the heels are high or the soles of the shoes are doubled. Wheels in shoes promote students to use them during the day and they run into others, affecting everyone’s safety.No red shoes.

    Middle Grades: Since we do not have a locker to change in, middle grades must come to school dressed to participate in physical education. Students may bring a second pair of tennis shoes for PE if they wish, but should carry them in their backpack and change in the PE room before and after that class. Clothes must fit comfortably; neither too loose nor too tight so they can play freely in PE.

    Outerwear: Jackets, actual ¾ length coats, sweatshirts MUST be the correct size and fit loosely over the uniform or clothing. Unless an actual ¾ length coat, they must go no lower than the hip to upper thigh, with no inappropriate pictures or sayings. No sayings or pictures should be placed on inappropriate places: i.e. “too tight’ across the chest of a girl or ‘too hot,’ across the behind of either boys or girls. Outerwear again MUST FIT and NOT BE OVERSIZED OR UNDERSIZED! Students should avoid outerwear that is red. This is a known and recognized gang color in the area and could very easily bring them very unwanted attention.


    Hats and Non-perscription glasses or Sunglasses: come off before entering the campus and can be put back on after leaving the campus. Students think it is funny to ‘snatch’ a hat or wear fake glasses or sunglasses-sometimes exotic type sunglasses that students also snatch or disrupt class with and that escalates to fights. During winter, when it is cold on the yard, we will announce when students may wear knit hats on the yard in the morning to keep their heads warm, but these need to come off upon entering class and remain so until they leave campus at the end of the day.

    Scarves/headbands: Scarves worn like headbands are fine but cannot cover the whole head or be worn in the triangle manner. Gang issues/affiliations come up and we want our kids to be safe from ANY misconceptions concerning them. NO RED articles of clothing.

    Earrings: Can be worn if they are posts, or hoops if they are of a width that is smaller than the size of the smallest finger. Drop earrings can only go down to bottom of earlobe. Students need to be able to play, or do PE, without the added concern of possibly getting their earring ‘snagged’ and then having their ear torn open.

    Perfumes, Colognes, Aftershaves, Cosmetics, Body Sprays or cleaners:

    Cosmetics:  Cosmetics are not allowed in school. If students feel the need to wear a MINIMAL amount of makeup, they need to take care of that at home, prior to leaving and understand it cannot be easily recognizable as makeup or the student will be asked to wash it off. No cosmetics used on campus. They will be confiscated.

    Perfumes, colognes, aftershave/body spray, deodorants, or any cleaners of any kind are not allowed at school. They are not necessary here. We have students and personnel that are severely allergic to them. Also students often overuse them and the odor, in a classroom, can make others so ill from it’s strength that students cannot study and must vacate the classroom. This has happened, and creates a serious disruption to student education. Some students get so ill parents have to be notified and students have had to go home, so students ignoring this rule is a health hazard as well and will be dealt with as such.

    Students who fail to follow dress code: Parents will be notified and ask to bring a change of clothes. Failure to follow the dress code, whether on waiver or not, will be noted in the student’s discipline log as failure to adhere to school policies. Repeated failure to follow the Board’s and/or the school’s dress code will be in defiance of school rules and will face detention, loss of break,  and may even face suspension if they continue to defy school and Board policies. Since it is discipline as well, it cannot affect transfers.