Superintendent Goals for 2016-2017


    1.       Community groups, community members and parents report high levels of satisfaction with my work and the work of the district

    2.       Financial health of the district is in good standing and major financial challenges such as charters and bond have been handled carefully, thoughtfully and successfully as reported by Board, WCCUSD staff and community

    3.       Ensure the Board and Superintendent relationship is healthy and well functioning as reported by Superintendent evaluation as well as tone and efficiency of Board meetings.

    4.       Meet the academic, social emotional and professional learning goals and measurements set forth in the LCAP. Cultivate a culture of school and employee empowerment, self direction and ownership as reported by multiple stakeholders.

    5.       Ensure that the 17-18 school year is well planned with any new structures, systems, offices, initiatives are clearly articulated to key stakeholders in a timely and effective manner as reported by multiple stakeholders.