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    I am Mz. Rose. I am a graduate of SacState's 2015 Single Subject Teacher Credential program. I am a cleared certificated teacher for general sciences (6th-8th), biology, geology and antrhopology. I have been with WCCUSD since choosing Lovonya DeJean M.S. as my home school starting in the fall of 2015. I have a passion for travel, cooking and teaching.  While I undestand there are challenges in all capacity of life and growing up, I find the skills needed to overcome them are strengthened, if not introduced, during the transitioning years of middle school. This is why I chose to teach in middle school with our amazing Lovonya DeJean staff and students. It is my goal to teach your student the critical thinking skills they will need to be effective in their futures. With these skills comes the understanding of our natural world, processes , cause and effect interactions and paterrns. We rely on the use of computers at school and home as well as labs and reasearch to build our general understanding of our world. I would like to offer a safe community for my students within the classroom environment. As safety is a primary concern that is one of the first things my students understand as a concept and risk. Science is interesting, scary, tedious, informative and often joyful.  I hope to instill some level of that joy and creativity that comes with science to all my students.



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