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    Community Partner Process

    Dear Community Partners, 


    Thank you for your interest in partnering with West Contra Costa Unified School District for the 2020-2021 school year.  We are profoundly grateful for your partnership and support for our students, staff and families, particularly during this unprecedented time.  

    In response to community input from our school board trustees, parents, and community partners, we have redesigned our proposal form and partnership process to allow for (1) consistent Annual Measurable Outcomes from partners aligned to Roadmap 2022 and Site Plans for Student Achievement (SPSAs), (2) increased transparency around partnership outcomes, and (3) a more efficient process to expedite site access to services.  

    Each of you are receiving this email because sites have shared interest in partnering with your agency.  We ask that you do not share this proposal with other vendors as we are only sending proposals to vendors whom sites have expressed interest in partnering with.  Please follow the instructions below to complete the partnership proposal form:

    1. Access the SY 20 - 21 Proposal form here.
    2. Section 1:  Program Information 
      • Enter your agency and program general information. 
      • Please note that EVERY question in this section should be answered or the form will be sent back to you to complete the missing information from the form.  
    3. Section 2:  Program Description and Evaluation
      • Please select ONE program category that your program is most aligned with.  Partners applying for partnership under Programs for African American Student Success (PAASS) should select TWO categories - PAASS and one other category they are most aligned with. 
        • Select the Annual Measurable Outcomes (AMOs) and Criteria, and complete the program description under your corresponding proposal category ONLY and skip the other sections.  Proposals without AMOs, Criteria and a program description under the proper category will be sent back for corrections.  Check off all AMOs and Criteria that apply under your program proposal category.
        • Be sure to attach any internal assessments or methods you will use to monitor and evaluate student growth, and indicate the frequency of assessment. Proposals referencing internal assessments without an attachment will be sent back. Section
    4. End of Year Report 
      • RETURNING PARTNERS must complete ALL questions 
      • NEW PARTNERS must only complete Questions 19 and  23 and can either opt to insert N/A in the other required sections or complete the full End of Year report.  

      This year, WCCUSD will have four contract proposal application phases for the 20-21 School Year.  In order for your proposal to be considered for partnership, you must apply by one of the following dates:  


    • September 28, 2020, 
    • October 2, 2020, 
    • October 30, 2020, and 
    • January 2, 2020

     Community Partnership Process

    Partnership Process Orientation Video

    For questions or more information, please contact the Family & Community Engagement Department at 510-307-4526.

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