West Contra Costa Unified

School District


Meetings Held to Date:


 Educational Specifications Focus Meetings    
 K12 Operations  Wendell Greer   
 Technology  Mary Phillips  
 Special Education  Steve Collins  
 Adult Education  Pamala Blake, Valerie Garrett  


First Round Site Meetings at Valley View, Olinda, Grant, Chavez, Riverside, Highland, Wilson, Kennedy, Lake, Stege, Richmond, Serra, Ohlone, Hercules, Cameron, Alvarado, Crespi, Shannon, Collins



 City and County Meetings    
 September 19  City of El Cerrito  
 September 22  City of Pinole  
 September 22  City of Hercules  
 September 23  City of Richmond  
 September 29  Contra Costa County  
 October 1  City of San Pablo  



 CBOC Meetings  
 September 17, 2015  Process report was made to the CBOC,
 Citizens Bond Oversight Committee,
 September 23, 2015  See Presentation
 September 30, 2015  Full Board and CBOC Joint Meeting See Presentation 
 January 27, 2016  CBOC Master Plan Powerpoint See Presentation
 March 30, 2016  School Board and CBOC Joint Meeting  See Presentation
 Board of Education Meetings
 December 9, 2015 Board of Education Meeting See Presentation
 January 20, 2016  Board of Education Meeting See Presentation
 February 27, 2016  School Board Workshop See Presentation
 April 27, 2016 School Board Meeting See Presentation
 May 25, 2016 Board of Education Meeting See Presentation
 June 15, 2016 School Board MeetingSee Presentation
 Facilities Subcommittee Meetings
 December 1, 2015 Facilities Subcommittee Meeting See Presentation
 January 12, 2016  Facilities Subcommittee Meeting See Presentation
 February 9, 2016  Facilities Subcommittee Meeting
 April 19, 2016 Facilities Subcommittee Meeting See Presentation
 May 17, 2016 Facilities Subcommittee Meeting See Presentation