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  • The Visually Impaired Department is located at Room 16, Pupil Service Center (PSC)

    2465 Dolan Way,
    San Pablo, CA 94806

    Office Phone: (510) 307-4642
    Office Fax: (510) 724-8829
    Division Head: Nick Berger, SELPA Director
    Administrator, Special Education: Darlene Almeida
    Office Secretary: Mika Chisaki

    Referral Process Document

    Services to students with visual impairment are mandated under the direction of state and federal guidelines:

    • To be eligible for Special Education, "a pupil has a visual impairment which, even with correction, adversely affects a pupil’s educational per¬formance.” (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Education, Section 3030(d)).

    For educational purposes, the term visually impaired (VI) includes:

    • Functionally blind students who, because of the severity of their visual impairment, rely primarily on senses other than vision as their major channels of learning.
    • Low vision students who use vision as a major channel for learning.

    Students who are determined, through assessment, to be visually impaired may receive Services for Students with Visual Impairment (VI), within the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), through the VI Program. Possible placements may include:

    • Itinerant Designated Instructional Services (DIS) for Students with VI in elementary, middle and high school
    • Itinerant DIS Orientation and Mobility (O&M)
    • Preschool SH/VI SDC
    • Preschool itinerant Designated Instructional Services (DIS)