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Website blocked?
The request for a website to be unblocked must now be done through this form.

 Student logins: Handy PowerSchool Report

Need your list of current student logins? Here's how to run it: Student Logins Report

Every teacher AND every student will have a personal log-in for McGraw Hill ConnectEd. Students will have access to My Math. Teachers will have their Treasures and My Math in the same account. I've been updating principals and will send out information as soon as the access is working.

The old accounts were deactivated. Once we are up and running, you will log in using Google Chrome. If you were to transfer to a different grade level, PowerSchool will tell Google who will tell McGraw Hill to give you the correct teacher materials. When a new student is added, he or she will be on your roster the following day.  


What's my ed1stop login?

Many requests for this information have been received. Please complete this form to receive your information. Please allow up to one week to receive this. Don't forget to check out our ed1stop resources by clicking on the link on the left.

Rosters are being updated this week. This takes time as updates must be done person-by-person. Please be patient.  

Edmodo school codes 

You can view the Edmodo codes list by logging in to your WCCUSD Google account and then clicking on this link.